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We are a young and energetic family with a strong Christian foundation and a great enthusiasm for life. Adam, a self-proclaimed “computer nerd” and Jocelyn, a full-time mom and part-time doctor, are excited to welcome an adoptive child to join their joyful 3.5 year-old “big sister in training”. We welcome birth parents and babies from diverse circumstances and backgrounds, and offer eligible birth family financial support. 

Our Family

Adam is easy-going and perpetually silly. He loves flying model airplanes, using power tools, and believes you can never have too many flashlights.

Jocelyn is energetic and passionate about her family and career. She loves being a doctor, and is grateful to work part-time.

Abigail is 3 years old, and loves princess stories, Disneyland, and dancing. She is our greatest blessing, and her joy and imagination fill our hearts and home every day. Our journey as parents is to offer our children unconditional love, acceptance, and opportunity, and we look forward with excitement to growing our family through adoption.

Adoption Ready

Home study certified for any US state. We are hoping to connect with an expectant mother interested in adoption for her baby, or an adoption eligible infant. Please help us find a match! Call or text anytime (406) 404-6137 or email

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